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About Us

Social Web Technologies has become the leader in providing groundbreaking outsourcing services for the real estate industry.

Our back office services have enabled clients to optimize their businesses in many different ways by scaling their business fast, providing the latest technology, nearshoring call center, cost efficient talent, data protection and most important guidance on how to concentrate on matters the most, increasing sales and reducing expenses.
We make sure that all our clients trust us as a partner and extension of their office.

“The most important thing about outsourcing is that it becomes the preferred tool to influence talent, improve productivity, reduce cost, work cycles and increase profitability”.
Eduardo Mualim

Core Values


We are driven by our devotion to the development of each individual. We serve. Commitment to overcoming adversities and difficulties is vital to our combine.


We achieve positive results by operating with great integrity. We are dedicated to applying our honest and ethical approach to everything we do.


We insist on providing a purpose-driven atmosphere that utilizes the strong personal connection each employee has to our clients and our combined goals.


We believe that every employee can make a difference in the lives of others. In all interactions we want to proceed with compassion, helpfulness, dignity and respect.

We are an extension of your office…

  • Understanding your company culture is key.
  • Developing accurate job description and responsibilities.
  • Interviewing and selecting the perfect candidate.
  • Proficient Training based on your expertise.
  • Competitive Prices and constant monitoring.
  • Process review and survey implementations.

Our Team

Eduardo Mualim


Sim Eagle

Sales Specialist

Steven Dickson

Sales Specialist

Aldair Garcia

Head of Operations

Adriana Villegas

Projects Coordinator

Monica Vargas

Human Resources

Christina Millan

Talent Acquisition

Vanessa Movilla

Marketing & Data